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Digi Traffic Generator

So we all know that Penguin and Panda have truly changed the game rules of internet marketing.   For some (those pessimistic domes day-ers) that means game over, but for the rest of us, it simply means changing with the new rules.  One thing that has not changed is the power of backlinking.  You need backlinks to gain instant traffic with Digi Traffic Generator.

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On Nov. 13th you will have the opportunity to become a part of the most revolutionary, to date program that will get you back in the “new IM game”.   Digi Traffic Generator is truly the BEST backlink-building software ever produced.

digi traffic generator


These days, everyone knows that backlinks = traffic = money, so everyone wants as many backlinks as possible.  Instant traffic is just what you want and just want Digi Traffic Generator offers!


Here is what you will get from Digi Traffic Generator;

  •  500 Push-Button Backlinks: Digi Traffic Generator comes loaded with a battery of 400 social bookmarking sites and dozens of article directories, so you don’t only get tons of link juice, you also get the all-important backlink variety
  • Desktop Software: So they can use it for ANY website… they’re not locked out if they don’t like WordPress.
  • Penguin-beating SEO: The site types are specially selected to work post-Penguin so your subscribers will see better results than ever before
  • Full process automation: account sign-up, e-mail confirmation and captcha breaking are all dealt with automatically
  • Superstar programming: Our tech team is all in-house – NONE of the code is outsourced, and that means our software is always the best on the market

Digi Traffic Generator


On launch day you will get a stellar deal on Digi, it truly is affordable and worthy of your money and time.  I have never seen a product like this yet, and I have bought and used a ton of instant traffic generating products.

Here is Digi Traffic Generator promise; “Here at Digi we ONLY make software that’s of the highest quality. NONE of our code is outsourced… it’s all from our in-house tech team. It’s been professionally produced and professionally tested… values which meant our last product, Digi Traffic Accelerator, has a refund rate of less than 1%.”


There is something to be said about a company with those facts. Digi Traffic Generator is a unique animal, one that will make you money!


By focusing ONLY on high-traffic, high-value sites, Digi Traffic Generator gets you the most from every backlink.

Which means more eyes on your content…

More people knowing your name…

More customers ready to buy from you


All you do is provide the content and push the button. Digi Traffic Generator will promote your content across 600 high-traffic, high-visibility sites, driving traffic in 3 ways:

  1. Hundreds more backlinks getting your site a higher spot in Google, delivering far more organic traffic
  2. You tap into hundreds of high-traffic sources, sending people through your link directly to your site
  3. The sites are specially selected to be easy to share… so everyone who sees your content can tell their friends and send you viral

 Digi Traffic Generator

Its time to get on board with the changes of IM, this product will get you there!

To your Success,


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